To raise awareness on the Assam floods two youth from Bajali, Pathsala Rakesh Choudhary and Sourav Patgiri- embarked on a motorcycle ride from Pathsala to India Gate.

The journey began from Pathsala on July 16,  at 9:30 pm, the duo covered a distance of 1300 kilometres and halted in Lucknow on July 17, 2021, at 9:30 pm.

The next morning they restarted their journey from Lucknow to New Delhi and covered a distance of 550 kilometres in 11 hours. The delay was mainly because of the heavy rains that they encountered along the way and because of which they had to halt multiple times.

Next, the duo started for the Iron Butt challenge from Delhi to Kurukshetra, Haryana and back to Lucknow in 11 hours.

During this period the duo covered 910 kilometres and completed iron butt 500 mile and long-distance riders 500-mile challenge.

The two then rode non-stop for 27 hours and reached Guwahati, Assam, safely by covering a distance of 1400 kilometres.

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