Raax Mahatsov in entire Bajali district including Helona, Pathsala, Patacharkuchi, Baghmara strikes the right chord as it enters its eight day.

The Ongoing popular religious and megha event of Assam, Raax mahatsov in Assam here in full swing now with the mega religions-cultural event enters its eight day which starts from 7th November with a fourth night long 15 days colourfull programme.

The historic festival of Raax Mahatsov in Helona village has completed 104 years. Centenarian idols of Sri Krishna repaired and on display. Thousands of people gathered in the Helona Raas Mahatsov to witness a hundred year old repaired idols of Lord Sri Krishna and many idols of different divine characters of Indian mythology besides large number of stalls of commercial establishments can be seen here.

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While in Pathsala town, devotees from various parts of the state visited at fastival for enjoyment of main attraction – exhibition of more than 150 hundred clay arts symbolizing lord Sri Krishna.

In Patacharkuchi, this year more then 200 clay idols depicting the stories of epics, Veda, Mahabharat and Ramayana installed in decorated stalls. A depiction human-Elephant Conflict is the main attraction of Raax Mahatsov as it is the burning problem.

On the other hand, The people of Baghmara has been celebrating the Mahotsava for a long time. People from all walks of life participate in the festival with tremendous enthusiasm and, as a result, Baghmara village turns into a sea of humanity during this period. The festival also tighten the bond of unity among the people with out cast and creed.

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