A National Bravery awardee, young swimmer Kamal Krishna Das sets a new record of swimming across the river B’putra (Brahmaputra) in just 27 minutes.

On Monday, he started from Guwahati’s Kharghuli and reached the Madhyam Khanda Ferry Ghat on the bank North Guwahati in 27 minutes. A student of class eight, Kamal was awarded the ICCW National Bravery Award of 2019. He was awarded because of his brave act of saving three people from drowning in the flooded Brahmaputra river in September 2018. He jumped into the river thrice to save his mother, aunt and a stranger with her child.

Kamal always wished of crossing the river B’putra. He reached Umananda within 7 minutes of starting from Kharghuli, Guwahati.

He took 20 minutes to reach from Umananda to Madhyam Khanda Ferry Ghat in North Guwahati. Kamal, who is a student in St. Anthony’s school, aspires to become an ace swimmer in the future. He wants to represent his state, as well as his nation.

His family has always been supportive, and he practices for 45 minutes regularly.

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