Sasanka Talukdar

The mobile theatre of Assam popularly known as ‘Bhramyaman’. The theatre group performed in villages, towns and cities across the state after Ashyut Lahkar gave birth to the mobile theatre at Pathsala in 1960.

Without green or blue screen or 3D or 5D technology, the mobile theatre groups continue to attract audiences on live stage through their acting and technology. The theatre group highlights Assamese culture and social issues in an entertaining way, which is what the audience loves about it.

These days Pathsala town which is also known as ‘Natya Nagari’ become fastivity look due to the mobile theatres which were started last week in different places of Bajali. The audience claps to the Abahan Theatre for their family drama based on the Assamese society.

Speaking to the Times of Northeast,
Prostuti Parashar lead actor of Abahan Theatre said, “I came to this field in 2005 and since then I have enjoyed this life of performing live experience on stage. It’s our responsibility to spread a positive message to society through a play and the audience love it due to the family drama.”

This year in ‘Andhangani’ play, we spread a message – how drug addiction ruined our society which became a serious problem among the new generation. And how some people start disrespecting their parents when they get old.” she added.

She also said, “The play ‘Mur Tez Mur Morom’, is a story about a brother and sister from a different mother. The audience love such stories based on the Assamese culture.”

“I want to tell the new generation who want to come to this field- it is risky to perform on live stage, you have to stay alert while you are performing on stage. If you believe in yourself and work hard, then nothing is impossible.”

Giridhor Chowdhury, social worker of Bajali, “In Assam there are around 60 mobile theatre groups. Every theatre group gave an employeement scope of 100 to 150 people. These include artists, pandal builders, makeup artists, photographers and technicians etc.”

He also said, “Without 3D technology or green screen, Mobile theatre of Assam proved, nothing is impossible for them and proved in past through their play like Titanic, Jurassic park which was presented by the Kohinoor Theatre and Mary Kom by Abahan Theatre.”

“People across the world should come to Assam to see the live experience of Mobile Theatre.” He added.


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