In a shocking incident, three school girls reportedly consumed ‘chowmein’ after deliberately lacing it poison, resulting in the death of one girl and the hospitalization of the other two girls.

This incident unfolded on December 8 in Assam’s Baska district, when the trio, aged approximately 13-14 years, allegedly inscribed inappropriate content on the blackboard of their after-school tuition center.

The next day, a fellow student disclosed their names for the inappropriate writings, prompting the teacher to summon them. Subsequently, the girls were purportedly reprimanded for their actions.

In response, the trio visited a local fast-food store in Kalpani bazaar located in the vicinity, where they deliberately laced their ‘chowmein’ with a poisonous substance and then consuming it.

Following ingestion, the girls fell seriously ill and were subsequently admitted to Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) for urgent medical attention. Tragically, one of them succumbed to the poisoning during treatment.

Meanwhile, school authorities expressed profound shock over the incident, asserting that the girls had not endured any form of mental distress or pressure that might have driven them to such an extreme act.

The identities of the girls have been safeguarded due to their age.

Local police arrived at the scene soon after and launched an investigation into the matter.


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