In a shocking incident, another incident of dog kidnapping was reported in Zoo Road area of Guwahati on Thursday.

CCTV footage captured a young man feeding a dog in front of his car. Few moments later he was seen holding the dog and throwing the animal in the backseat of a four-wheeler and drove away. It can be seen in the footage that there were several persons sitting inside the vehicle.

In the video, the youth first tries to win the trust of the poor animal by offering a biscuit. Seconds later, the youth is seen stealing the dog and putting him inside a car.

Earlier, an anonymous man was seen on CCTV footage in Pathsala town of Bajali Sub-division of Assam where he was feeding one dog and its two puppies for a long time. Later he took the puppies and fled from the spot. Now the mother of the puppies is seen wailing around the Pathsala town in search of her puppies.

Meanwhile, Sasanka Talukdar, a local resident, claimed that there have been numerous incidents in the state where some people have taken goats from temple and pups from the streets. 

“Police should look into this matter.”


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