Sasanka Talukdar report

The authorities of Bhattadev University has set up the classrooms made of bamboos as the science building of the University was completely damaged.

In 2019, Bhattadev University was upgraded from Bajali College which was established in 1955. The students of the university complained that the old building’s wall and roof have several cracks but despite their repeated complaints, the students alleged that the government paid no heed to the concerns raised by them.

Bijit Khataniyar, president of Bhattadev University Students Union said, “The science building of Bhattadev University was damaged where an employee was also injured a few days back after a part of the roof of the building collapsed on him. We already requested the authority to set up a new building for a long time. But there was no response. Now the students have to attend classes in a room made up of bamboos.”

Subhash Chandra Das, Registrar of Bhattadev University said, “As the science building of the university was damaged. We have to shift classrooms to another place for the safety of students. So, we have to build classroom made by bamboos to continue the classes as there is no other available rooms. This is temporary, we have already informed the higher authorities for the solution.”


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