The Pahumara river breached embankment at Gohinpara and Kolorguri inundated huge area.
The entire Bajali subdivision under Barpeta district is under another wave of a flood as the river Pahumara breaches embankment in two places this morning; one in Gohinpara and another in Kalorguri. The floodwater within a short time made the entire area like a vast sea. Due to continuous rain and release of excess water of hydroelectric project, Bhutan the water level of Pahumara river flowing much above the danger level and at last breached a huge portion this morning in the historic ‘Doloi Gasar Than’ one of the ancient religious places.

The water also submerged around 250 metres of the Pahala to Simlaguri road in between Kenduguri and Gohinpara. The road which is under construction was also damaged severely by the water currents. Though the protective measure was taken, the strong current of water, at last, washed away the huge portion and affected the inhabitants near the place. Several families are residing nearby the dyke that is affected and residential buildings also damaged.


Some power supply cables and posts are broke loose and washed away in the flood. The domesticated animals were shifted from the place somehow. The SDO of Bajali arrived at the spot to take stock of the situation. NDRF team was also put in action for rescue works in Kolorguri and Gohinpara area. It can be mentioned that every year these people from Bajali face the problem.

Mridul Talukdar, president of Bajali Zila AJYCP blamed that the concerned authority. He said that they don’t want a permanent solution to the problem and during the flood, they are busy in preventive measures but during the dry season, they fail to pay heed for the permanent solution of the problem. The surface communication through the Kenduguri to Soulabari road is snapped since morning. The water possesses serious threat and likely to submerge a major portion of the Pathsala town. The same river breached embankment in Kolorguri area also and inundated a huge area.

Meanwhile, the flood water of river Kaldia from yesterday is submerging new areas in Okoya, Nityananda, Patacharkuchi, Helona and Bargandubi. This time the water flowed out through the already broken portions of the last flood. During the last flood, Kaldia breached dyke in six number of places. A large number of villages are affected in the present wave of floods.

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