Amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation, a heart-wrenching incident has occurred in Nalbari district in Assam. One girl named Bandana Kalita committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a train. Before throwing herself in front of the train she posted videos in her TikTok account which went viral after that.

She told in the video that she was committing suicide because her lover, one Biren Kakati from Goreshwar, committed suicide yesterday. In her video, she expressed her love for parents and her younger brother, to give him a good education. She told “Death is frightening, but what can I do, I loved him so much” and after posting these videos in TIKTOK she jumped in front of the Shramik Express.

She hailed from Nalabri’s Borkurihar and is the daughter of one Robin Kalita. Yesterday Biren Kakati came to visit her in her home. After going from Bandana’s home, Biren committed suicide last night. Hearing about this she took this extreme step. Today in the morning she told her parents that she would be going to aunt’s home. Her brother tried to accompany her but she told him to put on the shoes. When he was putting on his shoes, Bandana eluded and rushed towards Nalbari.

The Nalbari Police and Railway Police arrived at the incident and sent the body for autopsy. Bandana’s suicide case has created queasiness in Nalbari and the fringe areas.


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