At a time when the social welfare department of Assam has initiated a fight against drug abuse, a 27-year-old youth from Mashalpur in Lower Assam’s Baska district dies of an overdose.

The deceased has been identified as Manoj Deka, a drug addict. His body was found in a petrol pump in Barama under Barama Police Station. He has allegedly injected drugs into a Toilet.Two injections and one blank container were recovered from the possession of the youth, sources said.

While speaking to the Times of Northeast, Tinu Deka, Mother of the youth said, “My son was preparing for jobs and would take drugs regularly. I had stopped him a couple of times but he would never listen to me. He has been sent to rehab for his treatment, but he can’t quit taking drugs. I have lost my son but I don’t want other mothers to lose their sons too. Government should do something to eradicate drugs from Assam, If they fail to take action, the state will be ruined because of drugs.”

“Now a days drug abuse is a serious problem among the new generation. My son is gone, And now, I cry the whole night with his photograph in my hand, I request Assam’s CM Himanta Biswa Sharma, to do something to end the drug menace in the state. I would be grateful,” said the helpless father.

As per the report, on the day when the incident happened on 11 February, the police reached the spot, no external injury was found on the body of the youth. The police officer said that they were investigating the matter. The exact reason for his death will be confirmed only after post-mortem.

Manoj, left behind his wife and one-year-old son, father, mother and elder brother.

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