As conjunctivitis cases are surging in Pathsala, with children being the most affected, a school in Assam’s Bajali shut down after an outbreak of conjunctivitis among the students.

In view of the safety of students, the authorities of Anandaram Baruah Academy of Pathsala decided to temporarily suspend the classes till Monday after several students of the school were infected with eye flu.

Nandita Barman, principal of senior secondary of the school, “Our 80% of students from nursery to class 8 including teachers suffered from eye flu. So, we decided to close our school for the safety of our students. We also informed the health department for treatment.”

Dr SN Patgiri, an Eye specialist said, “During the last 5 days many patients came here for checkup for this viral disease. The disease is highly spread from one infected person to another.”

He also said, “Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious eye infection caused by various viruses. Common symptoms include redness, itching, excessive tearing and a gritty feeling in the eye. It can spread easily through direct or indirect contact with an infected person’s eye secretions, contaminated objects or respiratory droplets.”

“Wash your hand before you touch your eyes. If you have such symptoms, wash your eyes with warm water, stay at your home.” He added.

As per report, suspected conjunctivitis outbreak has been reported in several schools and colleges in Bajali.


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