Driving in foggy winter season can be a tricky affair as it often leads to accident. The situation aggravates when the stray animals come under the wheels, as no one bothers to help or rescue them and ultimately it results in the death of the animals. One such inhumane act was recently witnessed when a stray dog was hit by a speedy vehicle on Thursday night in Pathsala town under lower Assam’s Bajali district. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan came to the rescue of the dog, who helped the dog and administered all the necessary help for its recovery.

The man identified as Monjit Das, who is a doctor by profession proved that mankind in no way lacks empathy towards the canine friends. Das who is in-charge of the Bhagmara community health centre under Department of Health and FW, Govt of Assam in Bajali saved the dog while he was returning from his duty.

While speaking to Times of Northeast, Das said, “During foggy winter season people should drive cautiously. Poor visibility makes the situation worse with stray animals roaming along the roadside. I was witness to such accidents on road where many people, as well as stray animals die in road accidents.”

Das, who is an animal lover, brought the stray dog to his home and gave medicines and first aid. He later handed over the dog to his cousin Nitish Das, who adopts stray dogs at his home. At present the dog is being provided with the required treatment there.

As per sources, this is not the first case where the life of a stray animal was saved in the district.

After the lockdown, it has become a common home-to-home affair, where the youths of Titka area in Bajali adopt and feed stray dogs.