In a tragic incident, a 24-year-old youth was suspectedly lynched by an unruly mob at Bajali in Assam on Wednesday.

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The deceased youth has been identified as Dhruba Joyti Choudhury, a resident of Kumarpara in Bajali, Assam.

As per sources, Choudhury was found injured, and was later taken to GNRC hospital in Guwahati where he succumbed to his injuries.

While it was not clear on how the young man died, injuries on the young man’s body indicate towards an attack, sources said.

Meanwhile, family members of the deceased youth have lodged an FIR at Patacharkuchi police station in Assam, alleging that Choudhury was murdered.

Two possible suspects involved in the act of alleged mob lynching.

Sources further claimed that the entire incident of alleged mob lynching is related to another incident that took place on January 16.

Following the incident, a youth have been arrested by Patacharkuchi Police where further investigation into the case underway.

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