Police in Dibrugarh apprehended three upperclassmen after a first-year student was hospitalised due to ragging at Dibrugarh University on Sunday night.

ANI reports that the accused person, Niranjan Thakur, was taken into custody together with three other people, all of whom are residents of the Padmanath Gohain Baruah Students’ Hostel.

This comes as a result of the incident in which Anand Sarma, a student in his junior year at the University’s commerce department, was said to have jumped from the second story of the hostel to rescue himself from a severe assault by seniors in the guise of ragging. He sustained significant injuries as a result of the fall.He was taken by ambulance to a neighbouring hospital, where he is presently battling for his life and is being closely monitored by medical staff.In addition to Sarma, two more juniors were harassed in the University.

Following the event, the loved ones of the victim filed a complaint, which ultimately resulted to the suspects being taken into custody.

The incident has been taken into consideration by the appropriate university authorities, including the anti-ragging task force, and an inquiry into the circumstances that led up to it has been launched.

As a response to the terrible event, the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, voiced his disapproval of harassment on Twitter and demanded that it come to an immediate and full stop.

The Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted, “It has come to notice that a Dibrugarh University student is hurt in an alleged case of ragging. A close watch was maintained and follow-up action was coordinated with the district admin. Efforts on to nab the accused, the victim being provided medical care”.

“Appeal to students, say NO to Ragging,” CM Sarma added.

Following the incident in Dibrugarh University, education Minister of Assam Ranoj Pegu twitted, “I strongly condemn the ragging incident in Dibrugarh University where a student has been hurt grievously. Asking DU authority and police to take strong action. We will not tolerate such activities.”

“I am also asking university authorities to be vigilant and take prompt action whenever any attempt of ragging is reported. Ex-students should not be allowed to stay in hostels.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that ragging is a serious problem at Dibrugarh University, prompting many warnings from school officials. However, the lack of meaningful actions resulted in the disappointing incident.


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