Assam’s popular YouTuber and cherished among many Dimpu Baruah today streamed live on YouTube to raise money for the flood victims of Assam. During his 50 minutes Charity Live Stream, he is able to collect a sum of Rs. 43,000 from Super Chat. Taking to his Social Media handle, he stated, “YouTube will keep around 20 to 30% of the collected amount, but I will adjust that percentage on my own and will also contribute my share. If I can give at least Rs. 1000 each to 43 families, it will be more than enough in this hour of need. I shall also make a Vlog while donating the amount”.

Assam Youtuber Dimpu Baruah raises money for flood victims via LiveStream

Dimpu Baruah is one of the most popular Youtuber in Assam. A resident of lower Assam’s Nalbari district. His simplistic nature and elementary way of talking grab more viewers to his YouTube channels. He is also a social media influencer.

Dimpu first uploaded a video on Youtube on 21 June 2017 on his channel ‘Dimpu Baruah’. The name of that video was ‘Nalbari Town by Cycle‘. The main aim of that video was to see how Nalbari town will be developed in future.

Assam Youtuber Dimpu Baruah raises money for flood victims via LiveStream

Dimpu Baruah’s YouTube channel crossed 7.09 lakh subscribers.

Dimpu is creating blog videos where he has shown various places of Assam and other Indian states but mainly Assam is the main target of his videos. He has huge FAN followers on Facebook and Instagram page.

People are excited about his videos and they love his creativity. His every single video hits 100k within 10 hours. Few videos hit 1M within 5 days. The way he talks shows his honesty and genuine creativity makes him unique and boost his fan followers.


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