In a surprising development which is bound to raise everyone’s eyebrows, the story of a Tea seller ‘Chaiwala’ boy from Assam’s Bajali making it big into AIIMS by cracking the NEET exam which was the talk of the town and both frontrunner regional and national media houses picked the inspiring story of the boy have turned out to be a bogus and cooked up story .

Several news reports stated that Rahul Kumar Das, the son of tea seller from Patacharkuchi in lower Assam’s Bajali district, passed NEET in his first attempt and got the opportunity to study MBBS at AIIMS. But after two days of the news, it was found that Rahul’s admit card was doctored and there is a stark mismatch between the roll number and date of birth in his admit card. The Roll No- 2303001114 which was in Rahul’s admit card, appears to be that of a girl named Kiranjeet Kaur from Haryana, who ranked AIR 11656.

Earlier, After the results declared, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the state government will take care of his educational expenses.

Meanwhile, Minister Ranjit Kumar Das also came to felicitate him in Patacharkuchi and took the responsibility that the government will bear the education expenses of Rahul.

Speaking to the Times of Northeast, Darpan Oleman, A local resident of Patacharkuchi, said, “We know him since a long time, he stays in his own world. We wanted to contact him, but he didn’t respond to us. When, we decided to check his marksheet, his details were not matching as per the result declared. We checked his admit card, then shocked to know that, its an edited admit card, when we searched his roll number in the official website, the results shows of a girl named Kiranjeet Kaur from Haryana.”

Pankaj Sarma, another local resident of the area, said, “Its a shameful incident for all over the state of Assam. Why he mislead people and the media? Its a big question.”
Sarma also said, “Yes, he is a meritorious student who belongs to a very poor family. When we tried to search his data by putting his application number and date of birth on the ministry of Education’s NEET results website
(, it shows – invalid application number / date of birth .”
“So, we appeal to the authority to investigate the matter, wheather it is true or false.”
he added

Another local added, “A section of media is also responsible for Rahul’s story. Just for breaking news they should not publish any report without proper verification. Its a big lesson for them.”

Meanwhile, Das took to Facebook after the controversy over his marksheet surfaced online and has reportedly left his home in Bajali, allegedly after his family faced bullying and harassment in the neighbourhood over the last two days.

Rahul Das’s Facebook clarification, written in Assamese, blames one Darpan Oleman Kalita for being the reason behind this controversy and accusations of manipulation about his NEET score and many facts about his personal life.

Das has also claimed to have received over 300 calls demanding his marksheet and while some did it to tease him, he wrote, others threatened him directly. ‘I will burn you on the roads of Patacharkuchi,’ one person said to him, Das has claimed in the post.

Locals of Bajali has demanded that the whole process should be investigated.

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