In a shocking incident, A man from Assam has allegedly killed his wife as she refused to give him Rs 10 to buy ‘Gutkha.’

The incident took place in Chataimari village under Mukalmua Police Station in Nalbari district.

According to the police, the victim has been identified as 38-year-old Bakuli Haloi and the accused is her husband named Narayan Haloi. And the incident was reported in the wee hours today.

It has been alleged that Narayan asked his wife for Rs 10 to buy gutka, but when his wife refused to give him the money, Narayan kicked her with his leg which resulted in her death.

Locals of the area claimed that following the incident, Narayan attempted to perform her funeral without conducting a postmortem.

Later, Victim’s relatives and locals, have demanded a postmortem before the funeral and informed the police.

Mukalmua Police arrived on the spot and took the body to the police station.

Mukalmua police reached the spot and found Narayan. He told them that he killed his wife as she refused to give him Rs 10 to buy ‘Gutkha’.

Later, police took the body to the police station and body has been sent for a postmortem, and further investigation is under way.

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