Despite ban, domestic liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is being used for commercial purpose. Locals alleged, a section of businessman and traders are using domestic cylinder in various business establishments by violating govt rules in Pathsala town.

As per norms, shopkeepers and owners of commercial establishments like hotels, hostels, lodges, dhabas, have been restricted from using domestic LPG cylinders. Still a large number of traders are using domestic LPG cylinders for business purposes.

Locals said, there are many marriage halls, restaurants, hotels, PG hostels and lodges, hotels in Pathsala town. Due to lack of proper vigil by the authorities concerned domestic LPG cylinders are being openly used in various commercial establishments.

“The concerned authority has failed to check various business establishments. So, we request them to look into the matter and take action against the blackers,” Said Dhritiraj Talukdar president of Pathsala regional students union.


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