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It was a beauty pageant with a difference. Instead of human models, cows walked the ramp at Pathsala in Bajali district of Assam.

The people of Pathsala have been organizing this unique competition on the occasion of ‘Goru Bihu’ every year as part of their tradition.

This year too, on the occasion of ‘Goru Bihu’, a ‘Cow Fashion Show’ was organized at ‘Gobindapur Satra’ in the district.

The cows of the region were brought decked up in unique Clothes, Bells, Garlands, and the traditional Assamese ‘Gamusa’.

Notably, the event is a major attraction for the locals even as the farmers of the region eagerly wait for a year to take part in the unique event with much enthusiasm.

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On the day of Goru Bihu, the cows are being taken to the nearby river to be washed after applying gram and turmeric paste and then the cows are dressed up with beautiful ‘Garments’ especially designed for them, Bells, Gamusa, a garland of brinjal, water gourd, etc.

During the event, the cows are being brought out to the ramp even as Bihu songs are played in the background.

This is one of the unique events organized in the State on the occasion of Bihu. The event is aimed at encouraging the farmers of the region to come together and celebrate Bihu in a distinct way.

“For almost a decade now, we are organising the fashion show for the cows on Goru Bihu. All the villagers assemble in an open field and enjoy the show. The cattle are cleaned, worshipped and decorated with colourful covers and trinkets,” said a local.

“Since the last 16 years, we have been organising the fashion show and every year the people of Gobindpur wait eagerly for this day. The preparations for the fashion show start a month before,” added another local.

Bohag Bihu is an important day in the Assamese calendar. It marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year. On Bohag Bihu, the people of Assam, visit their friends and families and celebrate it with feasts, music and dancing.

The seven-day festival is celebrated in seven phases – Chot, Kutum, Mela, Raati, Goru, Manuh and Chera. People sing Bihu geet or Bihu folk songs and also perform traditional Bihu dance to the accompaniment of dhols or the traditional drums and flutes made of buffalo horns.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday extended greetings to the people of Assam on the occasion of Rongali Bihu.

PM Modi, in a tweet, prayed for everyone’s “health and happiness” in the state.

“Greetings to the people of Assam on….,” PM Modi tweeted.

Union Minister Amit Shah also took to Twitter to greet the people of Assam on the occasion of Bohag Bihu.

Amit Shah, who tweeted in Assamese, wished everyone for “happy, peaceful and prosperous life”.

“On the occasion of Bohag Bihu, I extend my best wishes to the Assamese brothers and sisters. With the blessings of Mother Kamakhya, I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life,” Amit Shah posted on Twitter.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, who posted a video on Twitter, greeted people in the state and paid his respects to the senior citizens on the occasion.

“My respect to the seniors and my heartfelt love to the children for the Assamese New Year and Rongali Bihu,” Sarbanada Sonowal tweeted, along with a video.

Assam Health and Finance Himanta Biswa Sarma also wished everyone in the state on the occasion of Rongali Bihu.

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