As the covid second wave is once again breaking out in the country and in fear of possible lockdown the bitter experience of the last year once again lands the Bihu Dhol Makers (Drum used for Bihu) in trouble in Pathsala town.

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They had experienced huge lost in last session due to lockdown in the state. The celebration was totally stopped. The dhol maker was ready to deliver number of such items in their shops for the seasonal income but was in vain.

But this time too the news of lockdown in other states lands them in confusional state whether they were going to face the last years bitter experience. Rongali Bihu is knocking at the door and preparation is also going on.

The state government have made it clear that the Bihu should have to celebrate with certain restriction for the prevailing situation for the covid 19.

“This year few order is coming but comparing to the last year there are a few order and sell at present. Last year I have to pay from my own pocket to the workers’. They have to stay long time without any jobs and income“ said one Dhol maker of Pathsala town.

“This year some dhol have been sold but the rush of the season is not witnessed following the breaking out of covid 19 in its second wave” Anil Das another owner of such shop losing the spirits of enjoying the special season said.

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Another such shop owner also in distress state he is working with limited local labour and limited production selling a few product in the full season.
The wave of breaking out the disease have also brings uncertainty to some extent which may dampen the chance celebration this year.

Meanwhile, Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Thursday that no lockdown or curfew would be imposed in the state to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Admitting that the second wave of the viral disease had hit India, the minister said tests for Covid-19 would be increased to around 100,000 daily. He added that the Assamese New Year, Rongali Bihu, which falls next week, will be celebrated.

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