The people of Amdaw area of Sarukhetri constituency have been facing problems due to deplorable roads in the area.For this a section of people alleged that the present MLA Jakir Hussain showed step motherly attitude towards the area.

The roads connecting Pathsala to Kayakushi have been in worst state. Many accidents occurred in the area due to pot holes along the road.

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According to the residents of the area, the road has not been repaired since a long time which caused lot of inconvenience for them. It was barely possible to walk and drive on these roads, especially during the rainy season.It may be mentioned that the area has been one of the worst flood affected area. During flood people of the area take refuge in hilly areas as many schools and colleges affected.

Speaking to the Times of Northeast Jiten Das a senior citizen of the area said, “During flood it is difficult to stay in this place.Jakir Hussain MLA didn’t visit this place. Parents face a tough time in sending their children to school through such roads.

“Hemen Das a social worker said “People pay road tax and other tax but in return they getsuch poor roadsto ply vehicles. It is barely possible to walk and drive on these roads especially during rainy season, while the road also becomes accident prone, posing threat to life, limb and vehicles specially the bikers.”

Diganta Haloi a local youth said, “The road had been unrepaired since long time leaving the people in a distressed situation. Sensing the threats of lives, the people of the flood prone area come out to repair the road themselves, spending their earned money. Every year the villagers have collected money from house hold and purchased sand and instruments
for the repair work. Our MLA Jakir Hussain neglecting us.” he added.

Mention may be made here that thousands of people from a huge rural area comprising a large number of villages use this road from dawn to dusk risking their lives.

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