By Sasanka Talukdar

Several people were injured and hospitalised after being attack by monkeys in lower Assam’s Bajali.

As per reports, Monkeys came to the house in search of food and attacked men, and women including childrens in Muguriya, Nityananda, Raipur and Pathsala areas.

Now the local people are currently in a state of fear as monkeys are moving and biting whoever comes in front and they feel insecure to go outside from their home and children are staying indoors in fear of the monkeys.

Many people were admitted to government and private hospitals for treatment after being attacked.

It may be mentioned here, that due to the increase in the population of monkeys, the farmers here left no option to cultivate in the locality.

Most of the farmers stopped cultivation in their field. The production of Coconut and Betel nut is decreasing in the alarming rate and hence the farmers have to suffer a lot. The area is once known for the production of coconut and betel nut and it was a status symbol for the people of the locality but due to the increase of the population of monkeys the status symbol turns to be history for the people of the area.

The monkey group contains approximately 100 to 200 monkey’s moves around the area and destroy everything and even the monkey enters kitchen and destroy the food items of the inhabitant of the area.  The monkey also destroy roof of the residential houses as big sized monkey jump again and again.


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