In two mysterious incident which occurred in lower assam’s Bajali district, people suffered an electric shock after they touched others.

On 28th January, when a person, named Hirak Joyti Das, an employee of Bajali Block department, offered a Biskut to an another person, named Sujit Das, (a same employee of the office) both of them suffered an electric shock when Hirak gave him a Biskut, while they were drinking a cup of tea in his office canteen at DC office, Pathsala.

Another incident happened on the same day, in an office at Patacharkuchi, when Sasanka Talukdar, a local journalist touched a youth, named Dhritiraj Talukdar. Both of them suffered an electric shock.
His nearby people in the office was also heard the sound of the electric spark.

A PhD physics student said, “During winters or when the climate around us is dry. The air becomes dry and electrons easily develop on the surface of our skin. Then body becomes negatively charged. When it come in contact with a positively charged body. The electron exchanged between them and as a result current is exchanged. The shock felt due to the exchange of current.This phenomenon is known as static electricity.”

Meanwhile, some local suspect that there may be a high voltage power line or power stock in the surrounding area.

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