The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education sector globally. Classes have been suspended to enforce social distancing and educational institutions, from schools to universities, have been compelled to shift to online methods of teaching and evaluation.However, Students of Bhattadev University are facing problem in the online classes due to acute shortage of teachers in the university.

An undergraduate student of the English department said, “Since July 2 our classes have become haphazard because our teachers are unable to attend the online classes because of their termination.”

A student of Mass Communication said, “Due to the COVID restrictions we are unable to get practical knowledge and our online classes have also stopped because of lack of faculty.”

Another postgraduate student of the University said, “The classes have been irregular since the last two weeks or so due to the verbal termination of the contract of the guest faculties in the university. This has brought the academic session more or less at a standstill. We are now worried about the status of the end semester examination that is supposed to be held next month.”

A teacher of Bhattadev University said, “Following the Gauhati University’s notification regarding the discontinuation of the services of the guest faculties (dt. 02/07/2021), Bhattadev University had also sought to discontinue the services of the guest faculties without releasing an official termination notice. The online classes have been hampered because out of the 31 guest faculties, some of the teachers are the sole working faculty of their respective departments (like MCJ and TTM) while some others are of assistance to the sole permanent faculty of their departments (like Education, Statistics, English).”

Despite such a grim situation in the University owing to the discontinuation of the services of the guest faculties, the teachers have nonetheless voluntarily decided to take up online classes for the welfare of the students and have been sharing the academic and technical workload of their respective departments.

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