By- Sasanka Talukdar

At a time when unemployment is at its all-time high and youngsters are struggling to make ends meet, a section of young people are creating a name and livelihood for themselves on YouTube.

One such person is Dipangku Bharali, a resident of Pathsala in the Bajali district of Assam. He now owns two YouTube channels that share information on tourist places and other country-related facts. The journey from being a private company employee with a monthly income of Rs 8,000 to owning YouTube channels that earns him Rs 4 to 5 lakh per month was, however, not an easy one.

“Had it not been my wife, Chandana Bharali, I wouldn’t have been able to make it,” Bharali says.

Bharali started his channel after leaving his private job. His two channels — ‘Unknown Mysteries Hindi‘ and ‘Touropedia Hindi’— currently has 45.9 lakh subscribers and 10.6 subscribers respectively. The channels started in 2017 and 2020 respectively, and have also earned him two gold play buttons and three silver buttons from YouTube.Besides, the income, Bharali says the fact that he can employ other people is something that makes him proud. “I now have 20 employees across India. Without their hardwork it’s impossible for me to grow my channels,” Bharali says.

“It was difficult for me to survive at Rs 8,000 monthly salary at a private company. So I left my job and started a channel with the support of my wife Chandana, and my friend, Nayanjoyti Talukdar.

Nayanjoyti with his mother also runs a YouTube channel named ‘Khaoni’ a food blog channel,”

Bharali says.“To start a channel, you have to work hard, be consistent and give it time,” Bharali says, hoping to inspire other youths to leap.

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