A family of Pathsala has a struggle of its own. The only earning member of the family collects plastic bottles or damping items with her daughter every night in Pathsala town of Bajali district.

Manju Begom, a resident of Pathsala in Assam’s Bajali district come out from her home every night at around 10 pm with her 6-year-old daughter.
She earns her living by collecting plastic waste, particularly bottles, from the road side and come back to home at around 11 pm.

By selling such plastic bottles, the woman gets Rs 100 per day. The woman has brought up the family with that money.

Three years ago, the woman lost her husband. Since than she earns her living by washing dishes in a tea shop since morning and working hard in the night. Due to the financial crises she can’t send her child to school.

Manju said, “I’m proud of what I do. No government or non government organisation cares to cleanse plastic waste from road. I Pickup bottles from road side in Pathsala town.”

‌A local person said, “The pathetic condition of the poor woman and her small daughter should draw attention of the government should take action for the rehabilitation of the woman.”

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