The youth’s activity has created a huge sensation in the area as well as people’s minds are filled with joy and curiousity.The youth is a carpenter by profession, named Khursed Ali(30). He derives fuel from waste plastic.

According to him, the thought of converting plastic to some petrol like fuel had come to his mind. After that with the help of two neighbouring friends, they collected the waste plastic bags and then boiled the collected plastic in a closed container.
After the hardwork of last one month, during the last two days, they had tested the fuel in bikes and tempos and they have succeeded in their attempts, as per his statement.
Even he has shown the process to the use of the fuel in bikes infront of media personnels.
Khurshid’s feat has lured many people of the locality and have praised his effort. Many people now wished that the administration and the government help the youth in his endeavours.

Last month a 21-year-old college student from Mangaldai in north Assam’s Darrang district has invented a steamed car that runs on fuel derived from water.
After several experiments and working hard for over six months at his home, Prasanna Deka from Ghatowapara village in Mangaldai, finally came up with this eco-friendly car called H2O.
Prasanna is a BA second semester student of a local college. His mother took a loan from local agency to make his son’s dream a reality.
Prasanna works as a part-time worker in the college canteen to earn extra money for his dream project.
The project needs more work for better finishing which has been put on hold due to lack of funds, he said.
This invention by the youth has drawn interest among the locals. Though the vehicle looks like another remodeled car, a closer look reveals details of the technology used to create it.

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