Assam’s popular Singer Zubeen Garg at a function on Wednesday night said that people in Assam should watch and promote Assamese films instead of watching dubbed South Indian movies.

Zubeen Garg criticising a few South Indian movies like KGF and RRR said that these movies make no sense.

He asked the crowd if it was possible for one to just throw away a motorcycle with bare hands or if it was possible for a person to simply kick a truck and it would fly away?

“No that is not possible and it is simply non-sense”, he added.

He added, “You should stop those dubbed movies and start watching Assamese films. We are not fools to watch those.”

He further said that people in Assam are tigers and not cows to watch those films.

He also said that he guarantees to make good films in Assam if the people guarantee to watch.

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